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Weight Management

Major life style changes and working hours are the reasons for the growth in obesity. Dietcure With Priyanka has best qualified dietician in Pune for weight loss who designs a calculated, scientific, sustainable and therapeutic diet chart considering the life style and calorie requirement of an individual. Dietcure With Priyanka diet charts for weight loss are tailor made and are not based upon any fad diets, herbal supplements, etc. and does not force upon to choose any shortcuts. Final aim is achieved by fulfilling the smaller goals on the way. Counseling plays an important role in such Diets.


Diabetes Management

Diabetes being a life long condition, the diet provided is tailor made, sustainable and easy to follow. A detailed knowledge about diabetes management is explained in counseling session and easy ways to cope up with Uncontrolled Diabetes are illustrated. In case of diabetic nephropathy, neuropathy, persistent hyperglycemia, diabetic ketoacidosis or any other complications present , our Diabetic Diet Consultants constantly help you to cope up with blood glucose levels, renal and other parameters. Diabetes is often treated as a disease manageable by onself without any expert advice when it comes to diet advice.


Healthy Heart Diet

For the longest time the key focus in preventing and treating heart disease was lowering cholesterol and saturated fat. However, even though this has been the focus, heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women. The new thinking is going back to eating a traditional diet focused on nutrient dense whole foods. Eating foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol are not what cause heart disease. But instead, a diet high in polyunsaturated fats, processed foods, low in fruits and vegetables, and lifestyle that promotes oxidative stress are the culprits that lead to heart disease. Here are some of the guidelines to eating heart healthy.


PCOS/PCOD Management

We believe you shouldn’t have to follow restrictive diets or take medications to improve your PCOS symptoms and regain regular periods, which is why you wouldn't have to give up on your favorite food or rely on any pills when you sign up for the PCOS reversal program. We understand that conventional medicine doesn’t always help, which is why we’ve helped thousands of women balance their hormones with a more natural approach and reverse PCOS without pills.


Pre/Post Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in life of a woman. Many women simply rely of food list given in their hospital files and think that would be enough to improve overall nutritional status of fetus and mother. Many overeat due to cravings and most of the time the food choices aren’t healthy either. Most of the females who have higher BMI before conceiving also need to take care of blood sugars and weight gain during pregnancy.


Therapeutic Diets

Importance of nutrition in the prevention of illness and diseases has been long recognised. Planning meals for different diseases/ disorders is the chief role of a Qualified Dietitian and that’s what differentiates a Dietitian from a Nutritionist. We do not promote any specific brands, artificial supplements (except for critically ill patients)or expensive superfoods. Local seasonal foods are used as medicine to prevent/manage diabetes, hormonal imbalance,cancer, automimmune disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, to build immunity and so on. We simply help you make the right choices for your own wellbeing.

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